Cloud Wisps by turtlemom4bacon

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Outside: Maximum: 33.9oC Minimum: -11.9oC Average: 10.4oC

Inside: Maximum: 27.6oC Minimum: 12.3oC Average: 19.3oC


Total Rainfall: 820.5 mm


Wind (mph)


Data Quality (98.28%)

 2012Yearly RecordYearly Average
Indoor Average19.3oC 21.6oC 20.9oC
Indoor High27.6oC 29.9oC 27.8oC
Indoor Average High21.1oC 22.8oC 22.2oC
Indoor Average Low18.0oC 20.3oC 19.5oC
Indoor Low12.3oC 11.8oC 13.6oC
Outside Average10.4oC 13.0oC 11.3oC
Outside High33.9oC 42.4oC 37.6oC
Outside Lowest High0.2oC -0.5oC 1.4oC
Outside Average High16.1oC 19.5oC 17.4oC
Outside Average Low6.0oC 7.4oC 6.9oC
Outside Highest Low17.1oC 22.0oC 18.6oC
Outside Low-11.9oC -11.9oC -5.8oC
Cold Days (<0oC)42 days 61 days 32.0 days
Hot Days (>27oC)28 days 61 days 37.0 days
Wind Gust8.8 mph 15.3 mph 10.3 mph
Rainfall820.5 mm 989.4 mm 651.1 mm
Days Of Rain201 days 218 days 175.0 days

* predicted full year rainfall.

Indoor Average19.3oC
Indoor Record High27.6oC
Indoor Average High21.1oC
Indoor Average Low18.0oC
Indoor Record Low12.3oC
Outside Average10.4oC
Outside Record High33.9oC
Outside Lowest High0.2oC
Outside Average High16.1oC
Outside Average Low6.0oC
Outside Highest Low17.1oC
Outside Record Low-11.9oC
Cold Days (<0oC)42
Hot Days (>27oC)28
Wind Gust8.8 mph
Rainfall820.5 mm
Days Of Rain201
Data Quality98.28%

* predicted full year rainfall.